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We are a Startup Studio with a Cause
Based in Richmond, Virginia

About Us

SEEDstudio experiments with a variety of project ideas and turns the most promising ones into startup businesses. We specialize in building digital products, and practice a new economic methodology called Producism.

We are an impact enterprise that aims to do well by doing good. Our business model was inspired by the idea incubator, IdeaLab.

Our Cause

Our social mission is to help make the impact innovation economy more accessible and diverse. We believe there's an unbelievable amount of potential existing in under-served communities to become creators (not just consumers) of technology.

Areas of Focus

Instructional Design


Startup Consulting

New Media




(EdTech & Instructional Design)

An alternative business school of the future for impact entrepreneurs & their supporters.

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A digital assistant for educators to discover & cater to students' learning styles & multiple intelligences.

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The Dream Journey

(New Media)

A new take on multimedia series -- following the startup journey of our founder, Drew Little.

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(New Media)

A book about the evolution of Capitalism that uses game analogies for easier comprehension.

Ideas, Intelligence, Iteration, Impact, and Inclusion

The 5 I's That Drive Our Company



Drew Little

Founder and Product Manager

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